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~ Jennilynne Coley

Hi, I'm Jennilynne Coley, Founder of Permission to Thrive


Personal growth junkie, lifestyle reengineering specialist, international best-selling author, facilitator, avid learner, energetic healer, unconventional artist, playful spirit & master of my own life...

All of my life, I have been lit up about education in all sorts of arenas, but not in the traditional sense. The root word of education, "educo", actually means "to draw out".   And that fits beautifully with my take on education....the belief that not only do we have all our own answers inside of us, our bodies also have the remarkable ability to heal from the inside out.

While I have always had a love for learning, pushing myself to do well in school, I did not always see myself as a healer.  As a teen mom, I took a "safe" and conventional path at first, completing my degree in business and following a financial services career path...from management, consulting, cultivating & training sales teams and teaching continuing education classes to selling and servicing retirement plans, real estate, and investment and insurance clients.  Yet, something was still missing.  

Throughout the process of discovering what works for me, I found so many amazing tools and I totally fell in love with life again.  I began doing more of what I love...speaking, writing, coaching & facilitating, dancing and experiencing many other things in life that bring me and my body so much joy!  And now I empower my clients and community to do the same, and MORE!

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